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Here at Upstream we also offer the sale of fuel oil products, mainly diesel. if you have any queries please get in touch

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With competitive prices on heating oil and a team of trained staff, Upstream Energy are the first choice of prominent businesses that have become household names.

Don’t let this deter you! They are equally at home with large commercial clients as they are individual residences and smaller businesses. Regardless of quantity and frequency, we can complete the job with a minimum of fuss on your behalf.


Upstream Energy supply large quantities of diesel. A wealth of business in the Essex/London and surrounding areas. Our buying power means we stay competitive against forecourt prices.

Kerosene/Premium/Gas Oil

Typically used for home & commercial heating

Gas Oil/Red Diesel

Typically used for plant and aggricultural purposes

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Upstream Energy in Partnership with Century Capitol work with small to medium sized businesses looking to leverage funds for Acquisitions, Expansion, Mergers or simply capital enhancement,
We work with entrepreneurs looking to start their own Business, project managers looking to raise or leverage funds,
And Investors looking for a higher rate of return and to invest in high quality projects on an equity basis.

We work direct with the Top Trade Platforms and Monetizes in the world to offer the very best High Yield, no risk Managed Buy/Sell and Small & Large Cap
Programs available.

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